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Midlife Health & Weight




Have you noticed extra pounds on your belly and hips and increased difficulty losing those stubborn extra pounds? You are not alone! This is a common problem for women in perimenopause and menopause age. I understand your concerns, I am 53.  Based on my own experience and the experiences of my clients, I know that it is possible to achieve a healthy weight at this time of our lives.
Do you want to achieve your healthiest weight at midlife and beyond?
Do you want to improve your health and reduce your health risks by becoming more active?
  Do you want to increase the quality of your life through balanced eating?  
This program can be tailored to your own individual needs and health — it isn't a one-size-fits-all approach!


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Discover your Life Energy Wheel


Why? To understand exactly what is going on in your body that is causing you to gain weight and lower your self-esteem so that you know what to change to start feeling better immediately.  We will identify your psychological archetype - your specific elemental energy of your body, mind, and spirit.  We will discover what areas of life drain your energy and health so we know how to improve them.  Gaining this self-awareness allows you to fall in love with your energy and build self-confidence.


Prioritize the Pillars for Your Whole Body Health


Why? So that you know exactly what to do, exactly what small steps to take to enhance each pillar of your health, gaining clarity and control over your mind, body, and soul.  Become equipped with the knowledge of how your unique body was formed and what it needs in order to achieve your goals — fat loss, hormonal balance, strength, confidence, and strong relationships.  Together we create a customized step-by-step protocol to improve all areas of your health, from nutrition to fitness, sleep, stress, environment, and mindset

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Build Your Personal Infrastructure


Why?  To implement the customized protocol that improves each of the six pillars of your health and ingrain the habits and systems we develop so they become easy to follow, transformative, and sustainable.  We will closely examine your body's progress with each protocol, adding actions and foods that enhance your unique element.  You will feel an immediate shift in your energy, mood, and confidence, while your body is releasing stored fat and your mind becomes clear.



Elemental Enhancement and Sustainability


Why?  So that you are educated and empowered to use elements to support your lifestyle goals now and in the future.  Learn how to protect your elements no matter what life throws at you.  Develop a customized strategy on how to use your elements as you pursue different goals and through various moments/stages in your life.  Own your identity and embrace the one-of-a-kind human that is you.

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Transformational lifestyle changes that will make you healthier, happier, and lose weight safely and permanently!
This is a practical, evidence-based program that improves your eating habits in ways that fit your lifestyle.
We have to eat to survive.  Right?  But you probably know that so many people make the wrong food choices in their everyday life. Their unhealthy habits put them at risk of survival by developing major diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.  Possibly, you are making those choices sometimes as well.   This program is about learning new strategies, eating mindfully and have a long healthy life.. 
*This program is based on research by Ruth Ann Carpenter, MS, RDN, and Carrie Finley, MS., and
Ancient Chinese medicine and wisdom of 5 Elements Theory.

Why do you need a coach?
Can you buy an e-book or online course and transform your lifestyle?

Yes, theoretically, you can do it.  There is a lot of information on the Internet.  But in reality, not many people have had success this way.  It would be best to have someone involved in your health and lifestyle who understands your specific situation and is focused on your improvement.  A coach can motivate, encourage, keep you accountable, and celebrate your success.  
Some of us are lucky to have a supportive spouse or friend who can take this role, but does he or she have the right knowledge and time to be your personal coach?

My Coaching Philosophy is based on modern science and ancient wisdom.

Life transformation and shift to a healthy lifestyle can be an extremely challenging process due to the existence of lifelong bad habits that are heavily imprinted on our subconscious mind. The second reason for such complexity lies in the tight connection of physical body health with the wellness of mind and spirit, as well as different areas of life: relationships, job, environment, finances, community and etc. In addition, we are all different; there is no one-size-fits-all process!

One of my duties as a coach is to educate by providing useful scientific information; even quite often, my clients are already highly educated and have access to a vast amount of information through the Internet.

The most important mission that I have as a coach is to design a truly customized, effective protocol, using all possible ways to make the process as highly efficient as possible. I develop a very complex protocol. However, I present it to my clients as a series of simple, easy-to-follow steps. I hold their hands to make these steps, if needed. I keep them accountable and celebrate successes with them. I believe that the whole process of transformation should not be based only on your willpower; in this case, you may get short lifespan results. The transformational process must be enjoyable and lead to the formation of a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life, the LIFE you LOVE!

Key components

  • Individual meal plans with cooking instructions, nutritional values, and shopping lists

  • Behavioral changes with Positive Psychology and habit creation techniques 

  • Realistic goal-setting & small steps

  • 5 Elements Theory for customized nutrition, fitness & self-care plan

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping for stress reduction

  • Eliminating cravings

  • Stress management

  • Food shopping strategies

  • Eat well when dining out

  • Healthy cooking at home

Focus on 6 pillars 

Nutrition (3).png

Eat healthy foods that taste great, increase physical activity, improve sleep quality, manage stress, transform mindset, and enhance your environment. 
Keep weight off for good by changing your lifestyle and adopting new health habits.  

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What is included?

  • Weekly virtual sessions, at least one hour or more

  • Educational short videos and handouts

  • Unlimited email or text support 

  • Customized weekly meal plans with recipes, shopping lists, and nutrition values

  • Cooking classes

  • Extensive discovery system to learn about you, your body, lifestyle, and health and life goals

  • Customized fitness plan

  • EFT sessions for stress management

  • Environmental makeover ideas

  • Facebook group support

Absolutely unique program with
a comprehensive protocol and different modalities
with high effectiveness and efficiency 
delivered in
simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Interested but have questions?  Fill in the application and we will schedule a no-obligation discovery call to see if we are fit to work together.  Click here..,

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