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Do you want to improve your health and reduce your health risks by becoming more active?

  Do you want to increase the quality of your life through balanced eating?  

This program can be tailored to your own individual needs and health — it isn't a one-size-fits-all approach!


This is a practical, evidence-based program that helps you improve your eating habits in ways that fit your lifestyle.

We have to eat to survive.  Right?  But you probably know that so many people make the wrong food choices in their everyday life. Their unhealthy habits put them at risk of survival by developing major diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.  Possibly, you are making those choices sometimes also.   This program is about learning strategies for new ways of living make healthy eating and good health last a lifetime. 

*This program based on research Ruth Ann Carpenter, MS, RDN and Carrie Finley, MS.


Help you to create a healthy lifestyle, useful habits, and lose weight safely and permanently

Key components

  • Behavioral change

  • Realistic goals setting

  • Small steps changes

  • Inner motivation to lose weight

  • Coach's and members' support

  • Eliminating cravings

  • Stress management

  • Food shopping strategies

  • Eat well when dining out

  • Healthy cooking at home


Eating healthy foods that taste great and increasing physical activity. Keep weight off for good by changing lifestyle and adopting new health habits.  You don't need to give up your favorite food or drastically change your diet.  In general, you will need to decrease your portions, sugar, salt intake gradually, and introduce more vegetables and fruits to your diet.


A new video and worksheets every Monday

Live online webinars and Q&A every Thursday (9 am or 7:30 pm) on  A recorded webinar will be posted on our Facebook group or you will get a link.  Group support increases weight loss success!


Monthly Payments


Single Payment


Interested in one on one weight management program? Click here

Lifestyle & Weight Management

Group Coaching


Session 1. Design of the daily healthy routine system.  Health and body issues and possible ways of improvement. Tracking and accountability.  Breathing exercises for weight loss.  Self-Care System (pdf)


Session 2. Healthy Eating. A Balancing Act.  Proper portions. Mindless eating.  Nutrition building blocks and their balance. Diet and Disease connection.  Empty Calories. Your Diet Assessment (pdf)


Session 3.  Taking Stock. Assess the health of your diet.  What is your score?  Six goals. Determine your readiness to change your eating habits.  Strategies for Change (pdf).


Session 4.  Setting Goals and Rewarding Yourself.  Characteristics of effective goals.  Long-term and short-term goals. Self-motivation. Daily Food Log (pdf) Rewards list (pdf)


Session 5.  Identifying Barriers and Benefits. An I.D.E.A. for Bursting Barriers.  List of Opportunities for Healthy Eating (pdf) Healthy menu example (pdf).


Session 6.  Tackling Triggers. The Hunger Dilemma.  Internal and External Triggers.   Self-NLP techniques.  Density (pdf.) My eating Triggers (pdf).


Session 7.  Eating Out.  Special occasion and necessity eating out.  Develop your strategy.  Strategies for Eating on the Run (pdf)Your environment.

Session 8.  Talking to Yourself.  Your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Modify negative self-talk with positive thinking (pdf).  


Session 9.  Healthy Shopping Strategies.  Start your shopping at home with planning.  Food labels.  Nutrition Facts panel (pdf).


Session 10. Recruiting Support.  Family support.  Motivational and emotional support.  Your team.  Facebook group support.


Session 11.  Looking Back, Looking Forward.  Benefits of whole foods. Food Synergy.  Midterm assessment (pdf).  Goals and rewards review. (pdf)  Lifestyle nutrition (pdf).


Session 12.  Getting Back on Track.  .Lapses, relapses, and collapses.  Reducing High-Risk Situations (pdf)


Session 13.  Cooking Your Healthy Food.  Recipe modification. Menu planning. Stocking your kitchen. Quick and easy recipes. Time-saving tools, techniques, and tips (pdf).


Session 14.  Dietary Supplements and Fad Diets.  Evaluate supplements.  


Session 15.  Balancing Calories with Physical Activity.  Benefits of regular exercise.  Dispel myths about physical activity.  Find opportunities.  Small steps activity (pdf).


Session 16.  Controlling weight.  Body mass index.  Energy balance and weight management.  Calories in, calories out (pdf).  


Session 17.  Managing Time and Stress.  Personal values and priorities.  Stress and stress eating (pdf).


Session 18.  Staying Motivated.  Celebrate success.  Focus on positive.  Explore new possibilities and make fun.


Session 19.  Eating in a Changing World. Toxic food. Food trends.  Meatless Monday worksheet (pdf)


Session 20.  Planning Ahead.  What helped me change (pdf). Planning for tough times and troubleshooting strategies.

Session 21.  Planning Ahead.  Planning for tough times and troubleshooting strategies.


Session 22  Celebrating Success.  Assessing your eating habits now.  Goals and rewards review (pdf).

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