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The 5 elements wisdom for your business success. Part 4. Leadership.

Usually, when we look at every elemental psychological type, we see that the Metal personality wins the leadership label. Metal people have the wisdom of creating material success, profit, money, wealth. They are good at organizing, planning, numbers; they have strong willpower and high self-confidence. People easily follow them by seeing their achievements and also by feeling their Metal energy. Yes, metal people have perfect qualities for leaders of the organization, business, government.

So, if you do not have metal elemental energy, but must be a leader of your business. Even if you do not have employees, you still need to make decisions, interact with clients, vendors, networking partners, etc.

What can you do?

There are two ways,

First, you can use all the tools that the 5 elements theory provides to us, such as clothing, items in your office, daily habits, exercises. Except for food, of course, it is better if you stick to your body-type element meals.

The second way is to understand how you can lead by using your primary element and your elemental superpower. This information can be used for people who are responsible for hiring and growing leader.

Ok, let’s start with the Water element. People who have water element as a primary element are very spiritual. Of course, they are perfect for leading spiritual or religious organizations. In a business, they can lead from their internal life wisdom, intuition, innovation. They have a very powerful personal presence. Then a water person enters the room; everyone can feel it. Just like if this room float with water, it will torch everyone. This power is best in the board room, maybe not from the stage or large scale. But, be aware that water people are not good at planning or organizing.

The wood element.

Wood people can be excellent leaders who make things done. They are doers with an abundance of physical strength. They are ideal for managing teams at building sites or manufacturing shops. I just want to mention that all sports coaches are usually the wood type; they are leaders also.

So wood people like to tell others what to do, they have a strong opinion about everything. If they are knowledgeable and do the right things, their leadership will bring good results. On the contrary, they can be too bossy, angry, disrespectful, which could damage the team culture and bottom line.

The fire types are excellent leaders who lead by inspiring the crowd. They project hope and happiness. They have the charisma to connect to people on a small scale also. They are good at leading counties, organizations, and businesses by having metal partners who plan, organize, calculate, etc.

The earth-type people usually love their families and close friends so much that they may be not want to grow a career. Especially female earth, because they value the traditional way of living and are very happy to stay home and take care of children. Of course, they may start small businesses to support living expenses and do something they love to do: Daycare, nursing homes, baking, cooking, growing plants or animals, healing arts, massage, and so on. Earth-type men and women can lead from the strength of the earth energy, which gives them an empathetic, grounded, stable presence. People around them, their family members, clients, or employees, usually feel safe and protected.

So, know your primary element, focus on your elemental strengths, and develop your personal leadership style. If you do not know your element yet, schedule a consultation with me.

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