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I am Olga Holte and I can be your Holistic Health Coach.

My entrepreneurial spirit and love for design inspired me to enter the fashion design field while I was in high school. Since this was a side gig, I didn’t expect to continue down this path and ventured off in search of new paths to thread. 

Not too long after at the age of twenty-one, I completed a Master’s Degree in Math and Physics, but my passion for substantial achievement was not yet fulfilled. To be honest I’m not sure it will ever be fulfilled because we are always growing and learning! Recently, I achieved new certifications in NLP, Reiki, Wellness, Stress and Weight Management, Positive Psychology, and more. When we’re not learning, we’re teaching. At least that is what I always say and I love to teach! It feels amazing to witness someone’s growth. I even homeschooled all four of my kids, which was most certainly a handful. 

After moving to the United States of America twenty-two years ago, I realized I wasn’t done with designing. If it couldn’t be clothes, it had to be an interior design! Creativity and entrepreneurship fueled my income once again. It was during this year I became a Feng Shui practitioner and Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator. 

After eight years, I was enticed by the Financial Industry. After the housing market crash in 2008, I was on the lookout for a new adventure and this one seemed to fit the bill. I eventually opened my own Business Club and Registered Investment Advisory firm.  I saw a tremendous need for helping people with their money and business matters.  A large portion of my work was coaching my clients in all areas of life since finances are connected to everything. 

A couple of years ago, I seriously evaluated my life and decided to design my desirable lifestyle!  I devoted 100% of my energies to my coaching business which kicked off backed by my diverse professional experiences. These experiences help me to guide my clients and I will no doubt continue to do so. Tell me who you are and what you want so I can help you achieve your goals!

Let's Meet

 I strive to help my clients transform their lives!


I have unique skills in helping you on the way to your transformation.  In addition to the formal training as a life coach, my experience as a feng shui practitioner and fashion feng shui facilitator gives me incredible tools to transform your environment in a way that will support your dreams and goals.   

Your environment is stronger than your will!

If you simplify your surroundings and get rid of the clutter, you experience decluttering in your mind.  At this first step, you already will see your goals with better clarity and understanding.  However, at a second step, we will apply the theory of five elements, as a result, you will much better understand yourself and the people around you.  You will see your goals even better.  Most importantly, you will know how to create a supportive environment: your home, your clothes, and your workspace. 

Love, career, health, money - all these areas of our lives can be transformed with the 5 Elements Theory.  Being a financial advisor, I continuously discovered how clarity and order improved personal finances.  In addition, we tap into the ancient wisdom of the 5 Elemental Energy Theory and we discover our most precious dreams and goals. We now can easily identify what actions we must take and we can help ourselves in staying motivated along this process.


Olga is very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her subject. She spends all the time necessary for the client and exceeds any expectations. Great customer service, follow-up, She always stays on top of client needs. I liked working with Olga very much and will recommend her to my friends and clients.

Elena, Seattle WA

Seeing Olga was a very good decision on my part.  She changed the way I think and see the situation in my life differently.  The tools she taught me are invaluable and will last a lifetime.  Thank you! 

Payton, Redmond WA

I enjoyed working with Olga on my family finances, budgeting and organizing our important papers.  She helped me get past my anxiety around money and to take control of money matters.

Reese, Everett WA

Professional Credentials

  • Masters in Education, Math & Physics

  • Diploma of Higher Education in Interior Design

  • Certified Financial Educator and formal Financial Advisor 

  • Certified Feng Shui & Fashion Feng Shui Practitioner

  • Master of Reiki

  • NLP and EFT practitioner

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Master Health & Wellness Coach

  • Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach

  • Certified Stress Management Coach

  • Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

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