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NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®

Brain Optimization through Training

What is Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a method of brain training. It refers to a process whereby the brain and central nervous system receives feedback about its own activity. This allows the brain to change inefficient patterns that have developed over a lifetime by reacting to internal and external stimulation.

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Neuroptimal certification trainer

What does NeurOptimal® do?

  • The sensors on the scalp send the signal into the software program for analysis

  • This information is analyzed 256 times per second and detects changes in brain activity

  • The brain perceives these slight interruptions as a notification that something changed

  • The Central Nervous System “adjusts” to that information

  • NeurOptimal® reminds the brain to self-regulate or “re-adjust” to the external environmental turbulence

  • Nothing is put into the brain (no electricity, no strong frequency or vibration, or light)

  • Throughout the 33-minute session, slight interruptions (or what sounds like static) in the music will be heard

  • These interruptions are NeurOptimal®’s way of drawing your non-conscious attention to the process

This is training, not therapy!

What are the benefits?

Brain flexibility & resilience

These are common changes that our clients witnessed while training:

  • Improved performance, focus, memory

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Sleep patterns change; feeling more rested, most of the time sleeping through the night and waking feeling refreshed

  • People become more involved in family and discussions: more communicative, sharing personal ideas

  • Overall content and happier mood, feeling more internally balanced

  • Noticing visual and auditory details

  • More energy than before training

  • Listening better and with intent

  • More compassion and empathy

  • Less obsessive and compulsive

  • Less distracted

  • Better memory

  • More patient, less reactive, and impulsive


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The NeurOptimal® Session Experience

NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback
NeurOptinal Dynamical Neurofeedback
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We want to empower you to be in charge of your own process!

As a Trainer we assume a role of detective rather than a role of therapist. As Trainers, we cannot accept the responsibility to ‘cure’ you or ‘heal’ any specific disorders/issues. However, we do understand because your body organically knows how to do this, we just need to use NeurOptimal® as a reminder. The Trainer can then take a proactive part in documenting changes or shifts.



How often do we do Sessions? - We empower clients to make that decision

How many Sessions for X,Y or Z health problems? – The diagnostic doesn’t matter, Sessions are always individual to the person

How many Sessions is enough? - Whatever the client wants and feels they need.

Do people have side effects? - We do not put anything in nor take anything out, therefore, the effects are their journey, possibly reminding them of another past event.  Possibly could need a doctor to look at being over-medicated. 

What to expect after the first Session? - Reduce expectations! We are not expecting anything in particular to happen and neither should they.

Do results last? It is a learned process, like learning to read, we can’t take that learning away from you once you know it

  • Medications - Medications may need to be adjusted as your CNS learns to function as it used to; help your doctor understand the process

  • When to stop Neurofeedback - NeurOptimal® does not have a specific time to start or stop. It is always up to the client to be aware of the very subtle shifts and determine when it makes sense to finish with the support of the Trainer.

  • Booster Sessions - Many times, if someone has finished Sessions, they may feel they want to come back and do more Sessions; this can usually help someone feel their best in just a few Sessions.

  • Session series vs. lifetime commitment - Some people feel great after a group of initial sessions; others want to keep that feeling and continue on for life (like a gym membership).

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