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Are Yor Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal?

5 Elements Personal Discovery Workshop

You have three options to attend this workshop:

  • Workshop for a small group at the Kindred Healing Space.  
    Register here

  • Organize this workshop for your friends, colleagues, or clients at your home or business.
    Contact us 

  • Schedule a private 5 Elements consultation
    text 425 503 8871

Unleash Your Full Potential with the 5 Elements Theory
Come and learn about your elemental energy, the authentic energy that influences your body, mind and spirit.

Why do you want to know your element?

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses

  • Know your superpower

  • Learn about your elemental energetical needs

  • Find your new career or business

  • Discover your life purpose

  • Increase self-love and self-acceptance 

  • Improve your health & wellness

  • Improve your relationships 

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Uncover the Elements Within


Join us for an interactive workshop that unveils your true elemental nature. Through a guided 5-step process, you'll identify your unique elemental pattern, gaining insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and innate superpower.


Practical Insights for a Balanced Life


Receive personalized recommendations to enhance and balance your elemental composition. Elevate your energy levels, improve your career, amplify your well-being, and nurture profound relationships.


Ignite Your Potential


This isn't just about self-discovery, it's a journey to unlock your hidden potential. Understand your energy, transform your life across various domains, and embrace the harmony that comes from within.


Join us on this journey of self-awareness and transformation.

Your elemental breakthrough awaits!

This is a hands-on 1.5 hour workshop where you will get clear about your authentic main element and your elemental pattern by going through a 5-steps discovery process.


You will get an extensive list of recommendations for balancing or enhancing your element.


You will have a chance to win the Bio-Well Scan and see your elemental balance, also your chakras alignment, the intensity of your energetic field and more.


Workshop attendees can purchase Bio-Well Scan Service with a 50% discount.

You will have a chance to win a free Bio-Well Energy Test! 

At the end of the event, we will draw the lucky winner of the free test ($75 regular price). The test will take only 5-10 minutes. You will get a report of your energy and stress level, your chakras alignment, the balance status of your energy meridians, and more. Also, I will send you a file with healing frequency music that will be created specifically for you according to your test results. You can listen to this music for relaxation before bedtime or any time you feel stressed.

This is an introductory workshop where you will discover the 5 Elements Theory. After attending this workshop you will be invited to next level workshops:


Elemental Strength in Business and Sales


5 Elements Theory for Your Health 


Managing Stress with 5 Elements Theory


Dress with 5 Elements Theory and Transform Your Life 

5 Elements Personal Discovery Workshop
as a Team Building Activity

Embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery with our 5 Elements Personal Discovery Workshop, where team building meets fun and enlightenment!


Through a series of engaging activities, participants will delve into the five fundamental elements—


—to explore their individual strengths and unique qualities.


This interactive workshop not only fosters a sense of camaraderie among team members but also provides a platform for self-reflection and personal growth. The combination of insightful discussions and enjoyable exercises ensures that every team member contributes to a positive and vibrant team dynamic.

The 5 Elements Personal Discovery Workshop takes team building to new heights by seamlessly blending entertainment with valuable insights. 

Our workshop is not just about completing tasks; it's about building lasting connections among team members and creating a shared experience that strengthens bonds and enhances collaboration in the workplace.

Discovering the potential within oneself and among team members has never been this enjoyable. The 5 Elements Personal Discovery Workshop goes beyond traditional team-building exercises, offering a unique blend of excitement and enlightenment.


Participants leave not only with a deeper understanding of their colleagues but also with practical tools to improve their life and health. 


By fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere, our workshop creates a lasting impact that extends beyond the session, positively influencing the team's dynamics and productivity. 

Elevate your team-building experience with a workshop that combines the joy of discovery with the power of teamwork.!

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