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Corporate Wellness

Better YOU
employee wellness challenges

Better Engagement

"Now more than ever, employers must support the mental and physical well-being of their employees."

                                     Amanda Haster, SHRM

78% of workers surveyed said the pandemic has negatively impacted their health.  


In today's corporate workplace, Employee Wellness programs have emerged as a vital and prioritized aspect, offering numerous advantages for both employees and employers. The challenges witnessed in recent years have significantly impacted the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the workforce, making it crucial to address these concerns. It is undeniable that people now place greater importance on their health and actively seek effective solutions for their well-being.

73% of employees are actively searching for ways to improve their personal wellness.

This is a perfect opportunity for employers to support the health and wellness of their employees
and a whole community.


As an employer, are you experiencing challenges in any of these areas?
  • Escalating health insurance premiums and expenses

  • Elevated occurrences of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and chronic ailments among your workforce

  • Challenges in attracting and retaining talented employees

  • Substantial expenses incurred due to frequent turnover

  • Surging worker's compensation claims and expenditures

  • Heightened employee absenteeism

  • Decreased productivity due to presenteeism

  • Mounting workplace stress and employee burnout

  • Struggles faced by employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance


One of the primary challenges hindering the success of corporate wellness programs is the insufficient engagement and participation from employees.

Envision a scenario where you can offer your employees a comprehensive and holistic wellness program, demonstrating a remarkable
4 times higher engagement
than other programs.
By implementing such a program, you could cultivate a healthy and resilient workforce that becomes a valuable asset to your company.

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 3.00.48 PM.png
Modern Office Space

Benefits of the Corporate Wellness Program

  • Lowering health insurance premium costs

  • Diminished expenses for worker's compensation claims

  • Reduced instances of employee absences

  • Decreased employee turnover leading to substantial savings in recruitment and training expenditures

  • Enhanced recruitment and retention benefits

  • Improved employee performance and productivity

  • Heightened company profitability

  • Demonstrating care for employees' wellbeing

  • Fostering employee resilience

  • Nurturing employee happiness, morale, and camaraderie

  • Establishing a culture and identity of wellness within your company

Better YOU

Great results and outcomes start with great engagement.  And, engagement doesn't mean just signing up.  It means actually adopting healthy behaviors. Whether your organization is just beginning to implement employee wellness, or if you’ve been at it for years, our Better YOU challenges will drive 4X typical employee engagement.

  • WELLNESS TOPICS EMPLOYEES CARE ABOUT From fat loss to stress to nutrition.  The Better YOU challenges appeal to the topics employees love.

  • INCLUSIVE and APPROACHABLE.  Challenges are 6-8 weeks, making the commitment level appealing.  Plus, challenges are designed for every employee, no matter their fitness level or experience.    

  • IT'S PERSONAL.  Every employee receives a personal program as unique as they are. When your plan is personalized for your current health and your goals, it’s much more likely to be followed. 

  • FUN, TEAMWORK, and SUPPORT.  All the challenges are fun, engaging and promote teamwork and social support.


The Better YOU challenges connect with your employees by being empathetic to their situation and appealing to the wellness outcomes they desire.

Better YOU is different!

We understand.  We know it's hard for employees to balance work and home life.  We know it's hard to prioritize personal wellness.  We remove the three biggest obstacles employees face with their wellness.


Better YOU 

Each challenge is very personal, so employees always know what's best for them and their unique goals.


Better YOU 

The challenges teach employees to be consistently good vs. occasionally perfect.  Never expecting perfection.


Better YOU 

Personal coaching motivates and encourages employees.  Our fun tech saves time and makes it easy.

We Use Advanced, Time-Saving Wellness Tech

Our fun, easy-to-use wellness technology saves employees time by guiding them through their personal programs while always tracking their progress.

  • ​Heart rate wearable and wellness App ensures individuals get the most of their exercise plan.

  • ​Smart body fat scale to track weight and fat loss progress.

  • ​Nutrition programs and meal tracking.

  • ​Live and on-demand workouts with heart rate.  Your employees can participate in a large library of virtual workouts in the comfort of their homes.

We do the heavy lifting...

We know your team is busy. That's why our solution includes program management to ensure success with little of your staff's time. 

Step 1

Employee Marketing

Email campaigns.  Social media campaigns.  Employee presentations and more.

Step 2

The Right Incentives

We'll help you select the right incentives for your goals and culture.  Our platform makes it easy. 

Step 3

Analytics &Reporting

Weekly reports showing you exactly the engagement and success of your employee programs.

Real People.  Real Results.

We've helped thousands of employees improve their health and happiness.  Will your employees be next?  


"I lost 38 pounds. I changed my diet dramatically. I sleep better. I'm looking forward to buying new clothes!"



"I lost 16 pounds. My doctor took me off my diabetes medication. Eating healthy and exercise has made an amazing change in my life."


"My diabetes risk is gone and I lost 10 pounds. The program was perfect for me and it taught me how to find the time to be healthy and happy."


Real Companies. Real Results.

Jaynes Corporation

Industry: Construction

Employees: 145

Program: 5 unique challenges annually

Client Length: 7 years

SECU Credit Union

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 95

Program: 4 unique challenges annually

Client Length: 4 years

Holy Cross

Industry: Health Care

Employees: 440

Program: 2 unique challenges annually

Client Length: 3 years

Engagement = Employees Results

Personal Accountability Coaching

The key to engagement and results is our professional wellness coaches, who start by ensuring your employees have the right personal plan. 


Our local Washington coaches monitor employees' real-time progress and provide feedback, motivation and accountability. 


Our expert coaches will be with your employees every step of the way to guide and inspire them to achieve their personal goals.  With our App, we'll monitor all aspects of their progress, including exercise, nutrition, weight-loss progress and overall engagement.


Your Accountability Coach

Olga Holte
Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach,
Certified Corporate Coach,
Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, Stress Management Coach, Functional Aging & Brain Health Specialist, 
Reiki Master, Feng Shui,  and NLP, EFT practitioner.  Tai Chi and Qigong trainer.

A Math and Physics teacher, interior designer, and financial advisor in the past.

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