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HeartMath Techniques and Technology

Manage Stress and Anxiety
                     Boost Your Physical and Emotional Vitality
                                              Sleep Better
                                                       Reduce Fatigue and Anger

Imagine your life if...

You could quickly recover from challenging situations with ease.

You witness remarkable enhancements in your sleep quality, productivity, and relationships.

Tapping into your intuition to resolve issues and make choices became effortless.

Crafting a life that deeply aligns with your heart and soul became a more attainable reality.

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HeartMath technology presents a groundbreaking method for enhancing emotional wellness.


It teaches individuals to modify their heart rhythm patterns, leading to the establishment of physiological coherence.


This scientifically quantifiable condition is marked by elevated focus and balance in our thoughts, feelings, and physical well-being.

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Woman at the lake

Experience Coherence

Stressed, impatient,

Joyful, energized, patient,

Unlock a more joyful, peaceful, and confident you!

Accumulated stress is the underlying cause of many health issues, anxiety, anger, depression, lack of sleep, and more.


Coherence can help you prevent stress accumulation, and balance your mental and emotional energy.

Reduce Stress

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Balance Emotion

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Improve Sleep

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Increase Focus

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Restore Energy

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Use Your Intuition

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"I am excited to join the thousands of mentors, coaches, therapists, doctors and managers certified to use HeartMath with their clients, patients and employees and help people live life with heart!"

Join the Resilience with HeartMath, a six-week program, and learn how to shift into heart coherence,

an optimal state which creates the foundation necessary for:

  • clearer thinking

  • making better choices

  • staying composed in times of chaos or stress

  • sustainable improvements in health and wellness

  • better sleep

  • better communication and improved relationships

  • overall fulfillment

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Interested in HeartMath Techniques and Technology?
Let's talk!  Schedule a free 30 min meeting.

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