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8 distinctive consultations to help you apply the 5 Elements wisdom to different areas of your life. 
You can purchase a package or buy consultations individually.  You can choose any order depending on their importance to you; however,  Discover Your Element Consultation must be the first.

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1.  Discover Your Element 

Discover Your Element, learn about your authentic strengths and weaknesses

uncover your superpower!

This is an essential step in designing your personalized meal and exercise plan, your perfect outfit, and your environment.  Only after this first step, will we know how to apply 5 elements wisdom to your relationships and your business

2.  Your Elemental Meal Plan

No more generalized diets!  Let's design your personalized meal plan according to your element.  It will help you manage your body weight, and balance or enhance your element.

There is no food deprivation in holistic dietetic; 

instead, we fill your menu with tasty and nutritionally dense meals.

Chicken Breast
Woman Working Out

3.  Your Elemental Exercise Plan

Your personal exercise or fitness plan can be designed according to your element, your goals, and your fitness level.  Your plan will include cardio, resistance, balance, flexibility, and mind/body exercises. 


It will be more effective and efficient, and it will help you achieve goals in different areas of life while helping your body be healthier and younger.

4.  Your Wardrobe 

Dress with the 5 Elements Theory and you will balance or enhance your element.  Learn how to dress with intention and change your life!


Know exactly how to dress for a specific occasion to bring helpful energy to feel confident and influence people around you.

Trying on Clothes
Grey Living Room Sofa

5.  Your Home

Let's create a healing environment for you and your family; environment that supports your goals, minimizes stress, and rejuvenates!

As a Feng Shui practitioner and interior designer in the past, I am very passionate about helping my clients live in healthy homes.

6. Relationships

The 5 Elements Theory gives us tools to understand our energy and also the energy of other people and connect and influence them in an easy way. 

Do you know that you have only 7 seconds to make a first impression on another person?  Why?  The invisible energy exchange happens fast on an energetic level.

Young Parents
Smiling Businesswoman

7. Your Business

5 Elements Theory can be applied to your business in different ways.  Knowledge of your authentic strengths and weaknesses lets you choose the right management  and leadership style,

By understanding changes in elemental energy during the day, you can schedule your business activities when  they embrace helpful energy and bring more results

Knowledge of your element gives you a better understanding of your ideal client avatar because you will clearly see which psychological archetypes are naturally drawn to your energy and which could be difficult to work with.  

8.  Office

Let's design your office to embrace the helpful energy of the 5 Elements Theory

An environment where you perform your business must reflect your elemental energy to support your goals and help you stay focused, 

If clients and visitors come to your business space, office, shop, or salon, we can add interior details with different elemental energy to enhance their experience.

Office with a View

Package of all 8 Consultations





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