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Flow Society

Community of likeminded people joining together

for self-care and self-healing

everyday practices

FlowCode ~ HeartMath ~ Breath AS Medicine ~ Qigong ~ Tai Chi

Welcome to the 5 Elements Flow Society:

Your Haven for Healthy Everyday Practices

At the 5 Elements Flow Society, we believe that a harmonious life is built upon the balance

At the 5 Elements Flow Society, we're more than just a community – we're a way of life. Join us on this enriching journey as we infuse the wisdom of the elements into our daily existence, fostering holistic health, mindfulness, and a profound connection to the world around us. Together, we flow towards a harmonious and balanced way of living.

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What We Offer:


🌐 Community: Join a supportive, inclusive, and vibrant community of individuals who share your passion for holistic well-being. Connect, exchange ideas, and foster meaningful relationships that enrich your journey.

🧘 Workshops & Classes: Immerse yourself in a variety of workshops and classes designed to help you incorporate the 5 elements into your daily routine. From Flow, Nirvana, Qigong and meditation sessions to sustainability workshops and creative arts classes, there's something for everyone.

📚 Resources: Access a treasure trove of resources, including articles, guides, videos, and podcasts, all centered around healthy lifestyle.

Enhance your knowledge and delve deeper into your chosen practices.

🌄 Events & Retreats: Embark on transformative retreats and attend events that provide immersive experiences in natural settings. Dive into the heart of the elements and return refreshed, inspired, and deeply connected.

🤝 Collaboration: We believe that unity breeds strength. Collaborate with fellow members on projects that promote the well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet.

Group Stretching
Let's Stay Connected!

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Join our LIVE Flow classes and webinars on Zoom!

You will receive a Zoom link to join online events after filling in
the registration form.

Events Schedule

Morning Flow Breathing Exercises 9:30 am ............................ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Evening Flow Breathing Exercise 7:30 pm ................................Thursday

One event in-person weekly 

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