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Learn how to apply the wisdom of the 5 Elements Theory to improve your health, wealth, and relationships
Become a 
5 Elements
5 ELEMENTS WWFEM COACH™ Certification Program

5 ELEMENTS WWFEM COACH™ Certification Program

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The 5 Elements Theory is the oldest psychological and physiological system that is field-tested for thousands of years.


Learn a simple and elegant coaching system

for self-transformation (Level 1)

or to help your clients transform their life, health, relationships, and more. (Level 2)

Discover personality elemental energies and learn how to heal and enhance them with simple everyday tools, such as clothing, interior items, food, different types of exercises, and daily habits.

Help people to align their natural energies with the energies in Nature.


Discover your elemental energy to boost self-love, find your hidden strengths,

increase your motivation and passion.

Level 1

Know how to improve your life, health and business by using practical 5 elements tools:
food, habits, exercises, clothing, environment.

Level 1


Learn how to apply 5 elements wisdom to interact with people, by recognizing their elemental patterns, influencing them, and improving your relationships

Level 1

Get certified as a 5 Elements WWFEM Coach
to help your clients. Coach, train, teach them by using the 5 Elements Theory.
Level 2

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This program is perfect for you:

  • If you have a passion for helping people be happier, healthier, and more advanced in life.

  • If you are already a coach (life, business, career, health, relationship, mindset) or consultant of any kind.

  • If you are a trainer for sale associates or customer service providers.

  • If you want to learn the application of the 5 Elements Theory to transform your life, career, or business.

The Curriculum




LEVEL 1.  Learn how to apply the 5 Elements wisdom to transform your life, health, business, and relationships.

WEEK 1.  Introduction to the 5 Elements Theory.  Energy flow in Nature.  Recognizing elemental energy in the Environment.

WEEK 2.  Personality Archetypes.  Psychological and physiological system. Character strengths and weaknesses.  Body shapes and common elemental health issues.


WEEK 3.  Aligning 5 elements archetypes with energy in the clothing.  Designing a supportive and transformative wardrobe.

WEEK 4.  Aligning 5 elements archetypes with energy in the spaces, home interior, office.


WEEK 5.  Health issues and self-care.


WEEK 6.  Healing energy daily activities and habits for different archetypes.  

WEEK 7.  Relationships between elements.  Supportive, exhaustive, and controlling cycles in relationships.

WEEK 8.  Applying the 5 Elements wisdom to managing your life events, career, or business.

LEVEL 2.  Learn how to apply the 5 Elements wisdom to help your clients' transformation through coaching or consulting.

WEEK 1. Identifying client's authentic elements, primary and secondary.  

WEEK 2.  The 5 Elements Natural Flow Method™ and its application to the coaching process.

WEEK 3.  Maladapted elements and stress management.

WEEK 4.  Additional transformative and healing modalities in conjunction with the 5 Elements Natural Flow Method™.

WEEK 5.  Coaching skills and 5 Elements.

WEEKS 6 -8.  Case studies and certification.

What is Included in the Program?

Every week includes lectures, homework & practical exercises, live webinars, and Q&A sessions.

Unlimited support from a coach by email or massenger.

Our Inner Circle of 5 Elements WWFEM Coaches™ where you can get support and build relationships.

BONUS:  Dress for Success with the 5 Elements Theory, online course.


Do you have questions? Schedule a 15 min call 

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