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Know Your Energetic Weaknesses!

Understanding your weaknesses is essential in business and, of course, in overall life.


Firstly, you can outsource the tasks that your energetic element is not suitable for.

Secondly, you can learn to add a needed element, at least temporary, and the 5 Elements Theory gives us wonderful tools: clothing, environmental items, daily habits.

But the most important of all, I think, in the knowledge of your weaknesses, is not to beat yourself up about lacking some skills.

So, you do not have this particular energetic element, but you have another beautiful and powerful one.

This s important in the way of thinking good about yourself, knowing that you are good enough. This will help your self-acceptance and self-confidence, which is very important in business.

Let's look at each element.

Start with the Woos element.

If the wood element is your primary element, your weakness could be to show up too bossy. You can be easily irritated or overly judgmental that can repeal people from you, like potential clients. Be aware of this. At the end of the day, think about everyone you met and forgive them; think that they behave in a certain way because they have different elemental energy. This useful habit will help you in the long run.

Accept the idea that you maybe need help from advisers or coaches. You have huge potential to create business because you have great physical potential, but you may need someone to help you direct your activities. Hire a business coach what's a metal elemental energy, And have a financial advisor to help with Investments.

If the fire element is your primary, your weakness could be too many emotions. Things can happen in business to make your blood pressure rise or increase your heart rates. Maybe tears can come to the surface at the wrong time. Just know this and be prepared. Use tools that can help you: briefing, emotional Freedom technique, tapping, essential oils, acupressure. Remember, negative people can easily put down that fire energy. Protect your fire. Accept that not everyone will love you or think you are beautiful. Those people are not your clients, not your partners. Develop a thick skin.

For me personally, the Emotional Freedom technique is very powerful. It's changed my life if you want to find out about this more, write ht me a private message.

If the Earth element is your primary, then your weakness could be too much being a nice person. You may not want to make people feel uncomfortable. You do not want to stand for yourself. Or you want to help everyone for free. These things can hurt your business and your bottom line.

Also, you may value only the traditional way to do business and do not want to accept innovations needed to move your business forward. A business coach will be valuable to the success of your business. Often, Earth women too much focused on family and children, and then children grew up and left the nest, an Earth women left without purpose. Then the idea of starting a business comes up. If this is your situation, welcome to entrepreneurship!

Remember, your element can easily go to a worrying stage; yes, a business can be unpredictable. Maybe having a partner will be very valuable to you, especially a partner with Metal energy.

If the metal element is your primary, then you are good at running a business. Your weakness can be appearing too cold or judgmental if you work with clients. Remember to smile more and give people compliments. Hire team members who will be in front at the end of your business to perform customer service. Or, if your secondary elements are fire or Earth, you can enhance them when servicing your clients.

If the water element is your primary, then your weakness can be a lack of organizing skills, planning, directions. You can have too many things going on and feel overwhelmed and worried. Again, it will be rewarding to have a business partner or business advisor. Or at least in time of planning or accounting activities, bring metal energy around you, and this will be a piece of good advice for any element. If you are not in the stage when you can have a financial department, and you have to do all the financial things yourself, bring more Metal energy: wear something business looking or in very light or white colors. Keep your office organized and clutter-free.

And again, at the end of my video, I want to remind you that you can schedule a consultation with me to find out your primary element, your strengths, superpower, weaknesses, and more tools to help you.

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