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Let's talk about your sleep quality

This week is a Water Element week in our group program.

We are working on Water energy that helps us to understand our inner world, our authentic energy. It helps us to increase our intuition and self-healing power.

There are many ways to improve your Water elemental energy. You can my group to learn more...

Today, let's talk about one, the very impactful way, good quality sleep.

It would be best if you slept 7 to 9 hours. Not only the overall length significant but also the length of deep sleep.

During the deep sleep phase, our body goes through many important functions:

  • memories are consolidated

  • the brain detoxifies

  • blood sugar levels balanced out

  • metabolism improved

  • the immune system is energized

How can you improve sleep quality? Here are some common recommendations that you probably know about:

  • reducing stress

  • establishing sleep rituals and routines

  • sleeping in a cool room

  • exercising

  • eating healthy

  • meditation

In my program, we use the most effective and unique tools:

  • Feng Shui bedroom interior

  • FLOW CODE breathing techniques

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping)

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