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Nine Wardrobe Tricks To Boost Your Sex Appeal

Want to know a few secrets about making yourself more attractive with clothes and accessories? Use these tricks to dress for a date or add a little spark to your long-term romantic relationship.

Wisdom from Feng Shui and the Five Elements Theory will help us here Let’s start with a brief summary. Ancient Chinese wisdom teaches that everything—such as people, objects, clothing, and furniture—consists of energy. This energy takes many different forms. By observing nature, we can see how the daylight and seasons change the energy of our surroundings.

The five types of energy have simple names that convey their qualities. Water represents night and winter, both times of deep, sleepy, and relaxing energy. Wood represents morning and spring, two periods that spark awakening and rapid growth. Fire, representing noon and summer, heat and bright sunlight. Earth represents the comforting times of harvest seasons or afternoon naps. Metal is prominent during evening and fall, when sparkling lights appear and nature reaches its highest point of beauty. Each of us possesses these types of energy in a different proportions, making us distinctive and unique.

However, our dominant one or two types tend to determine our characters, our strengths, and our weaknesses. Here is a short description of each human archetype to give you a little background on this subject. People with water energy are deep, wise, and creative enough to stand out from the crowd. People with wood energy are generally competitive, physically fit, and resilient. People with fire energy are social, sexy, and fun, while those with earth energy are quiet, kind, and homey. Lastly, people with metal energy tend to be elegant, orderly, and intelligent.

Clothing also transmits these energies through color, texture, pattern, and style. If you align your personal energy with the energy of your clothes, you can achieve amazing results. I could write a whole book about this fascinating subject—and perhaps one day I will—but today, we’ll talk about how to enhance and magnify your fire, the energy of attractiveness and sexuality.

Some people are just born with fire energy, so they gravitate to the center of attention and naturally chose sexy, bright clothes. If that doesn’t sound like you, then don’t worry! You can still fire elements that are comfortable for you. Here are some fantastic options:

1. Choose sexy dresses that are shiny or bright and show off your legs, shoulders, or back. These garments possess obvious fire energy, but are not always appropriate or suited to every body type.

2. Red color. Select tints, hues, or shades of red across the whole spectrum, from orange to purple. Be careful: true red is a tricky color and looks good only on a small group of people. But it’s still possible to find “your red.” Take one tomato red object and another magenta one. In front of a mirror, place them close to your face, one after another, and choose whether a warm or cold tone is better for you.

3. Contrast color elements. A black skirt and white top display little fire because of their small area of contact. Sometimes that’s better than nothing. Complementary trim works better since it shows longer line of contrast.

4. Show as much skin as appropriate for the situation. A skirt, even a long one, is always better than pants. Any decent neckline is better than a turtleneck. Long sleeves should be pulled up to show some skin on your arms, and open-toed shoes are usually better than closed ones.

5. Angular lines and triangular shapes, such as the V-neck, are wonderful tricks. Necklaces, pointy stilettos, and earrings with angular designs have the same vibrant energy.

6. Any sparkling, reflective earrings have fire energy, but the best hang freely and sway at the slightest movement. Those are mesmerizing!

7. Animal prints and any clothing of animal origin, such as silk, fur, and leather, possess beguiling fire energy.

8. Select body conscious clothing. Jeans, or a simple top that shows off your beautiful shapes, are always sexy. This trick doesn’t work for every body type, so be your own judge.

9. Even only you know what is under your clothes, wearing sexy lingerie will make you feel sexy. Don’t worry, though: other people will sense this energy subconsciously.

These tricks will give you a spark of attention and help you stand out from the crowd. Others will feel warm and happy just from being near you and looking at you. Of course, these tricks are not guaranty you a beautiful relationship. By the way, you can also use these tricks in performances or presentations.

In order to fully implement the wisdom of the five elements into your life, your home, and your clothing, identify your authentic type of energy and build your wardrobe according to its principles. This will make your personality shine and attract right person to you.

Are you ready to learn more fascinating subject of the five elements? Give me a call.

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