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Self-care System

There are four equally-important parts of your Self-care System: Nutrition, Rest, Physical Activities, and Mental Health. It's possible that you're already taking excellent care of yourself in all four areas. Kudos for you! 🎉🎉🎉Now you can briefly examine your daily routine with the system and see if you would like to make some improvements.  However, the majority of us do not follow the right path, even with a good knowledge of what is beneficial to our body.  Why?  Lack of time, procrastination, and weakness of the will... nevertheless, let's not feel regretful but go straight to work! Your Self-Care System will help you to generate those healthy habits that improve your health, increase your energy level, and make you feel happier.🤗 You can research on your own, or you can ask your doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or yoga instructor.  As a result, you should have answers to these questions: Am I eating healthy? How many calories per day do I need? How many glasses of water should I drink? Do I have the right balance of proteins, carbs, and fats? Am I getting good quality nightly sleep? Is my energy level sufficient to carry on my daily work? What health issues do I have? Can I fight these issues with a specific diet, exercises, or meditation? Can I improve my body/face look with a self-massage? What is my stress level? Can I handle my emotions well? Let's create a 3 columns table to analyze our findings.  Write down all the issues you find in the first column.  Write the solutions that can improve your problems in the second column.  The third column is for the time frame you need to do the actions and time of the day.  Often different issues demand similar treatments.  For example, taking a long walk will help you lose weight, low blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce stress, increase overall well-being. Next step is to create a morning, daily, and evening routines and incorporate in your schedule. The Bullet Journaling is an excellent system to organize all your efforts on this matter.  This journal will keep everything in one place: your questions, results of your research, table of actions, your schedule, and your tracker.

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