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The 5 Elements Theory for Your Business Success!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Even though I am not a business coach, my focus is holistic health & wellness; I know that the 5 elements theory has a vast amount of valuable information that can be used for business also.

Since I have so many friends and followers, the business owners, I decided to create a series of videos about the 5 Elements theory's application to business success. Tip #1 for today is: Know your authentic element, discover your strengths!

By fully understanding your authentic element, you can balance or enhance it to make your personality shine. You will feel more comfortable being you, which will draw the right people to you. They will believe you better and just feel good around you. Of course, it is helpful if you are in the service business or if you participate in sales. Or it is valuable in relationships with your business partners or vendors. Then you know your element; you can look at the list of qualities usually present in the people from the same elemental group. Maybe you will be surprised by finding some quality that you always thought you did not have. So if this quality could be helpful for your business success, start to work on it. Remember, it will be much easier for you to develop some skill that your natural authentic energy can support. Your partner has to work much harder to develop the same skill if he doesn't have that authentic element.

I want to illustrate my point with my own example. My first introduction to the 5 elements theory happed at the Fashion Feng Shui facilitator certification course. I was happy to find out is that my main element is fire. But I was surprised that fire people are usually good at public speaking. It was not me; I was terrified to speak with a large group of people. After analyzing my situation, I found 2 Reasons Why I felt this way. Number one,

English is not my native language. Understandably, I am not really comfortable speaking English. My second reason was that I was stuttering so badly during my childhood that words were not coming out of my mouth, and I will burst into tears. Thankfully, those times were gone long ago, but I had that terrifying memory somewhere in my mind. So I knew the reason Next Step was to understand how I could help myself with my new knowledge of the five elements wisdom.

I started dressing in mainly Fire Element, which helps me feel more comfortable surrounded by my energy. Also, I added the Earth element because this element helps us to feel grounded, safe and relaxed. Gradually I start feeling better and better on the stage. Of course, anyone can learn to feel comfortable on the stage. It's just will take more time and effort for all the people who do not have fire energy. Because I who would use that fire that already was in me as a base and Leverage my intentions.

So in my business, public speaking is very useful as it can be for many businesses.

So understanding your element and being familiar with your energy can help you discover new potentials that you can use in your business.

Also, because I am a holistic health and wellness coach, I want to point out that you may be working on your element and enhancing and balancing this for your business. Still, at the same time, you can improve your health your relationships, and overall well-being.

Would you like to find out your element? Schedule a consultation!

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