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About the Program

5 Elements WWFEM Coach™ Certification Program

This is the link to the Certification Program for you to check it out only before you decide to sign up as affiliate:

The 5 Elements Theory, an ancient field-tested psychological and physiological system, applied to personal transformation and health, relationships, business, and career improvements.

Level 1: Learn 5 elements for yourself.
Level 2: Learn to apply 5 elements to coach, teach, train clients.

At level 1, participants will learn:

  • How to discover your elemental energy (Water/Wood/Fire/Earth/Metal) to know their hidden strengths, weaknesses, energetic superpower, specific energetic recharge. This step will boost self-esteem, self-love, increase your motivation and passion.

  • How to improve, fix, transform life, health, career and business by using practical 5 elements tools: food, habits, exercises, clothing, and environment.

  • How to apply 5 elements wisdom to interact with people by recognizing their elemental patterns, influencing them, and improving relationships.

At level 2, participants will be certified as a 5 Elements WWFEM Coach™ to help your clients, coach, train, teach them by using the 5 Elements Theory.

This program is perfect for you:

  • If you have a passion for helping people be happier, healthier, and more advanced in life.

  • If you are already a coach (life, business, career, health, relationship, mindset) or consultant of any kind.

  • If you are a trainer for sale associates or customer service providers.

  • If you want to learn the application of the 5 Elements Theory to transform your life, career, or business.

The Program starts on

April 11, 2022

Each level has 8 weeks.
Every week includes prerecorded video lectures, live Q&A sessions, practical assignments.
A community for questions, discussions and support.

Referral arrangement

Program full price on the website:
Level 1: $997

Level 2: $1,297

Level1+2: $1,950

Special group

discount  60%

Level 1: $398

Level 2: $519

Level1+2: $780

Referral fee 20%

Level 1: $79.60

Level 2: $103.80

Level 1+2: $156

How it works:

Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate:

Step 2: Talk to your team/group about the program and tell them that you have a special arrangement with 5 Elements Wellness, LLC for a group discount price that is 60% off.


Step 3: Send them your affiliate link, which you will get after signing up as an affiliate, and instruct them to click on a group discount button..

Promotional Ideas

Invite Olga Holte to your team/group event/class/training to speak about topics that are relevant to people there.

Here are examples:


How the ancient psychological system of the 5 Elements Theory can help you to better connect to prospects and increase sales.

Add  5 Elements System to your coaching tools and improve your clients' results.

5 Elements Archetypes and parenting.

Attract love and create everlasting romantic relationships with the 5 Elements Theory.

If you sell clothing, jewelry, oils, cosmetic we can analyze their elemental energy.

Contact Olga to discuss more ideas:

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