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5 Elements Wisdom can Help your Business by Knowing your Superpower!

Today let’s talk about the superpower. Yes, you have a superpower that you maybe even do not know about.

This is a force that can help you in day-to-day activities, and in a crises situation, then you feel down. Yes, life happens, but often you need to show up and run your business.

Your supper power can help. Last time I talked about your elemental strengths, but your superpower is even more than just strengths and skills. Let’s talk about each element.

So if your primary element is Wood. Your superpower is physical energy. You can run faster, lift heavier weights or work longer hours. Understand that many people who do not have too much wood can not compete with you. Do not be judgmental, be thankful that you were born with wood energy. Wood energy helps you achieve what ether you decide to achieve by overcoming obstacles. Just think about how plants overcome obstacles.

The Fire element gives people the ability to be joyful. If this element is your primary, you can create happiness out of nothing. Nobody has to make a happy environment for you. You can be happy just because you are healthy and the fire element is balanced. Remember, you can share this happiness with other people, especially ones who do not have a fire.

I feel it from my own experience. The fire element is my main element, and then I feel down, I know what can help me: to find someone to have a conversation with and bring them a little fire, a smile, or an optimistic perspective on their challenge. I know that this energies me.

So, let’s talk about the Earth element, which gives people empathy. If Earth is your primary element, you probably have unlimited empathy, or if you do not know about it yet, you can easily learn to draw it from the Earth.

If the Metal element is your primary, then you are smart, organized, you are good at planning. You have business wisdom. You can help other business owners with business intuition or investments intuition.

If the Water element is your primary element, then your superpower is life-wisdom, intuition, creativity, or healing power. Water energy could manifest in many different ways.

Enhance, balance your element, search for your superpower if you do not feel it yet, and then share it with your clients, your family, and your community.

As a holistic health coach, I help my clients discover and enhance their authentic element and superpower because exactly superpower can help to develop willpower and motivation to take good care of yourself, your body, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

So if you want to know your superpower, schedule a consultation with me.

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